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Welcome To The Probate Property Centre


couple considering probate processes with helpful advisor

We provide a wide range of discrete, personal services to Executors and Administrators for the property in their estate.  In particular, we help speed up settlement of the probate process by buying the property in the estate quickly or by generating income from it. This allows those involved to move past a delicate and difficult time.

We guarantee the purchase of the property in an “as seen” condition and provide access to experts in fast financial solution that best suits your circumstances.

We also provide a wide range of one-to-one, personal services to property investors and the general public (including online probate information services).

To find out more about the services we provide or how we might be able to help you, please click on one of the links below or Contact us for more information.



  • Fast property Sale
  • Access to experts in fast Financial Solutions
  • Referrals to Top Probate Solicitors
  • Property Rental & Management

List of Our Services to Executors & Administrators


  • Property Sourcing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Online Grant of Probate Info Services

List of Our Services For Property Investors


  • Help with Probate Process
  • Additional Online Probate Info & Resources

List of our Additional Services

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